Friday, November 04, 2005

ccc rent revenue account fraud or what


Today 4/11/05 I sent this image to the news media in the uk. and asked why havent we heard of the police investigating Cardiff County Councils rent revenue account. Or why following my complaint to the IPCC they are refusing to investigate the claim.

Its quite simple really the Councils rent revenue account show in expenditure £30 million in rent rebates. I have asked the Audit commission,as well as the Local government ombudsman, what would the difference be if the council housing was transfered to housing association ownership for the nominall sum of £1 pound. When multi-million pound car companies are sold for £10 pounds its not that far fetched an idea.

I have asked would the accounts show £30 million more than the councils because they would not show £30 million in rent rebates in expenditure but all rent monies paid in full. What could then be done with that extra £30 million offer rent rebates or use it in order to have first dibs on any repossesed properties, new build, or purchasing them on the open market, so that cheaper rented accomodation be available for all.

The Audit commission says that my assumption 'could be misleading' the local government ombudsman says that they are 'perceived discrepancies' Well they are either gonna be £30 million up on the council or they won't nothing misleading in that no perceived discrepancies there.

I have also contended that the council have these dubious accounts practices in order to artificially increase the rent levels so that the to buy option has been seen to be the wisest choice for the rent payer.

Will the media respond, on your and my behalf, will you put pressure on them to, you who read this. I hope so.

Best wishes to you all

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